Answers for Humans

  • How to Write like a Lover Brand

    As a writer and advertiser, I know the power and influence that depth of language has in storytelling. 

    Stories that evoke emotion have a greater staying power. Campaigns that use emotive language linger in our hearts and minds. 

    The use of archetypes in writing for your brand voice creates this depth of language and emotion that will engage your audience.

    Archetypes are storytelling themes that all humans intuitively know. These themes influence human behavior on a deep and subconscious level. 

  • How to Listen for Sales Signals Grounded in Human Motivations and Needs on Belonging and Love

    TL;DR: Customers will tell you with their words what their current needs and motivations are. Your brand’s message, voice and personality should me...
  • How to Use Customer Reviews to Build Brand Messaging In Your Customer's Voice

    As a top advertiser, I know the best ads come from testimonies and user-generated content.

    Many years ago, I developed a process in my masters that uses a scientific, data-based approach for developing brand voice using only the voice of the customer.

    Since then, I’ve used this process with Fortune 500 companies, universities across the states, TED, Sony, and countless eComm and lead generation brands.