Founder's Strengths Copywriting Guide

Founder's Strengths Copywriting Guide

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Your Strengths are a secret key to your magical power as a founder and brand.

Your Strengths assessment + Vox Verba's deep science process opens the door of expansive growth for you and your brand with the Founder's Strengths Voice + Words Copy Guide

Get your industry-first customized copywriting strategy guide for your Strengths assessment.

Transform your brand messaging in a way that is proven to engage and convert aligned hearts.

You can automagically unlock brand value.

Money value.

Crickets on your posts?

Low to no sales?

People keep bringing up the words “conversion rate” to you?

You are too magical for that.

I give you voice and words that match your energy and vision.

Show up in your strengths.

After your order, you will receive an email with details on submitting your strengths report.

I will uncover your brand's unique gifts via the strengths of their leader, you. I'll give you a bespoke (read: custom, handcrafted) Voice + Words Copy Guide. 

The Founder's Strengths Copywriting Guide is specific to your brand founder's strengths.

Its owners who come back to again and again to find unique, powerful brand voice and words.

Three days after you submit your Comprehensive Strengths Report, your Founder's Strengths Voice + Words Copy Guide will appear in your inbox.

Your Founder's Strengths Voice + Words Copy Guide will include:

  • custom strengths-based copywriting guide
  • a word bank for efficient, powerful copy
  • key messages from your top strengths
  • your brand traits and characteristics
  • insights on using your strengths as a unique differentiator
  • storylines that highlight your strengths
  • cultural, story-driven expressions for high engagement
  • powerful, deep alignment with what you do and say that is likely to make you say "whoa" or get chills or even cry, dancing could be involved
  • a checklist of places to use your voice + words deck for results right now including recommendations for your website, social media, media kits, refrigerator post it notes and more, as always