Brand Cosmology™
Master Series

brand cos·mol·ogy

the study, mapping and navigation of your own brand universe from your Big Bang to today and into the future


You've spent time and money listening to your customers to find out how you can best serve them. Somehow, despite your best intentions, your business feels broken and your brand just doesn't resonate with customers. You're constantly looking over your shoulder at competitors when you know your brand is more valuable.



Even if you've used advertising successfully, it's become exhausting and unpredictable. It's a lot of work, a lot of details, and then sometimes you still don't get what you're looking for out of it.

The biggest problems with advertising have to do with branding, positioning, business strategy and promotions. In other words, advertising can only function properly as a reflection of your whole business.



With a proven way to navigate and a guide to show you the way, everything falls into place. Business growth and expansive success start way before advertising.

Ready to become the maker of your own business destiny?

Prepare to go quantum with
the Brand Cosmology Master Series.

Brand Cosmology™ Master Series Overview

gain an astronomical grasp of human persuasion and market basics, then apply these foundations to this new age of business in order to control your business's fate

12 Week Series

on Business, Brand and Market Alignment
8 interactive classes
4 facilitated creation labs
Guided Feedback to Ensure Alignment

Week 1: Speaking to Deep Psychology, Human Needs & Motivations

The heart of it all is speaking to your people.

Humans make up your brand's universe and this deep psychology class will inform all work ahead. In this class, we'll walk through human motivation and needs, drawing direct ties to how your business transforms real human pain and fear into beliefs, dreams and reality.

Week 2: Universal Success Foundational Assumptions

Central tenets you must know for success in the new age of business from philosophical approaches that do not work anymore to new principles and mindset tools.

Week 3: Tapping into Century Stories of Brand Archetypes


The secret multimillion dollar branding agencies, organizational change development, and high level brand voice strategists and copywriters use for deep emotional connection.

Week 4: Brand Cosmology Lab: Interpreting Your Voice Reports

Understand deep insights from your own brand's data in order to gain clarity and take action. At this step, you'll use new light to see the one of a kind nature of your business's existence and future potential.

Week 5: Positioning Beyond Competitors To Create Your Own Universe

Establish your brand's unique market position as its own universe by applying your brand data and Vox Verba's database. Market positioning is the difference between standing out in the marketplace and being left behind.

Week 6: Brand Cosmology Lab Expansive Mindset

Expand the upper limit of what is possible. This is what it means to be a visionary and bring your business into a completely uncharted realm built from itself. Mindset is the cornerstone of success. It can make or break your end goal.

Week 7: Community Building That Creates A Subculture Around Your Brand

Culture experts and organizational design consultants know that every group develops an identity, but it can be co-created with purpose and intention. Subcultures are how brands exist and grow beyond the doors of a single organization. In this class, you'll learn how to develop your own subculture and what signals to look for as signs your culture can thrive on its own. Using community-building principles, you can develop your own small empire with a universe and culture of its own.

Week 8: Figures of Thought, Creating Language and Thoughts In Alignment With the Future You See

Our thoughts shape our world and the leading businesses know how to form thoughts like sculptural art. You see big brands invest in art installment and sponsor arts to write works about what is happening in the world. This is one way of creating thought and language in mass media. I'll show you simple ways to identify new figures of thought from your customers and your market that align with the future you want to see.

Week 9: Brand Cosmology Lab, Asset Alignment

Together we will review your core business, marketing and advertising assets from your website to your social media. With support and feedback, we'll ensure your assets all reflect the best of your unique brand and the current market's real voice.

Week 10: Unleashing Positive Psychology for Expansive Momentum as a Strategic Practice

A proven way to optimize and grow; the true secret of growth hackers. This practice is grounded in strengths. I'll show you how to stack wins and get your best chance at success every time.

Week 11: Brand Cosmology Lab: Positive Planning Session

Apply your optimizing principles to your strategic plan together in a lab that focuses on systems. This class includes structure, automation and support to make sure your plan gets implemented.

Week 12: Brand Universe Mapping, Galactic Growth Chart


This week we finalize everything and bring together the ultimate living resource for your brand's path to success. Your Galactic Growth Chart will be a reference for implementing and a resource you can rely on with easy confidence because you know it is based on real data. Your data!


Why complete the Brand Cosmology Master Series now?

Brand maker and visionary,

A shift is happening coming into the new age, starting now and into 2021. The powerful have already profited, but a window is opening for all of us to step into our own power when we realize our potential and ask for prosperity with open hands.

By following the systems given to us and the support of a proven brand growth facilitator, you can discover your path to success and walk it with ease and confidence.

I'm Andrya Allen, and I developed Brand Cosmology as an answer to a truly broken system of business building.

I've personally managed millions in digital advertising spend and facilitated the growth of global pioneer brands in consumer goods, business to business, e-commerce and sales development.

Brands under my leadership and strategy are recognized as Shopify's top 2% and my digital research and insights on trends have been published by the National Communication Association.

I've been honored to speak in several countries and advise TED speakers from more than 13 cities across the globe.

What I've discovered is that real, authentic growth that can compete with big brand budgets is not accessible to most small and medium size businesses.

Many business owners are suffering and don't know how to listen to that pain while retaining forward momentum in their vision.

This is not how we do business in the new age my friends. There is a better way.

I'll show you how to listen to data to breathe new, evolving and always powerful life into your brand with tools, positivity and empathy.

You'll understand the connections between the heart, the mind and how humans take value-based action to make real life transformation based on their own needs.

Most importantly, it will be easy and keep you in your vision where you belong.

With big faith in your inevitable success,

Andrya Allen
Vox Verba Founder

Your Brand Cosmology Master Series has everything you need for a 90 day deep dive and launch.

your series includes:

  1. • 12 weeks of Instruction ($6000)
  2. • 8 Interactive Classes
  3. • 4 Creation Labs
    • 90 days of business growth coaching with Andrya Allen ($5000)
  4. • Private consult with Founder about using Vox Verba's database of Brand Voice+Word insights ($500)
  5. • One Custom Vox Verba Interview for a founder or customer ($500)
  6. • Vox Verba Voice of Customer Report ($100)
  7. • Vox Verba Combined Insights Report ($1000)
  8. • Multiple Meditations from business mindset experts ($100)
  9. • Over 100 ready to use headlines, campaign concepts and copywriting phrases to implement customized to your own business ($1500)
  10. • Access to a private group with me to answer your questions, help you work through materials, plus two support coaches who are my own partners in strategy and system development and implementation ($3000)


Total Value $17900+
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