The Jester Brand Archetype

The jester brand story arch is about bringing joy and fun to the world.

You are known as the life of the party.
You're the light-hearted brand, the brand people can have fun with.
People come to you looking for joy and a sense of the unexpected.
Your customers resonate with Trevor Noah, Wanda Sykes and Sarah Silverman.
Modern brands today are Ben & Jerrys and IKEA.


to spread joy and fun into the world

traits and characteristics:

fun, sense of humor, light-hearted, hilarious, entertaining, joyful, spontaneous, unexpected, surprising, funny, mischievous, captivating, recreative, compelling, engaging



famous jester phrases and quotes:

“If you laugh with somebody then you know you share something.”
― Trevor Noah
"Funny and talent will always win out; I mean, of course there are hurdles, but I think if you're funny you will get over all of that."
― Wanda Sykes
"Nothing seems crazy when you're used to it."
― Sarah Silverman

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