The Innocent Brand Archetype

The innocent brand story arch is about being happy.

You are known as an optimist.
You're the honest brand, the brand folks trust to live simply in strong values.
People come to you looking for simplicity and positive possibility.
Your customers resonate with Amy Poehler and Michael Cera.
Modern brands today include Coca-Cola and Dova.


to be happy

traits and characteristics:

young, optimistic, value-aligned, good, wholesome, genuine, optimistic, idealistic, simple, reliable, honest, happy, joyful, pure, utopian, confident, positive, respectable, dependable, decisive, reputable 



famous Innocent phrases and quotes:

“I am big enough to admit that I am inspired by myself.”
― Leslie Knope
"You try to pick good stories and that's pretty much all the control you have."
― Michael Cera

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