The Vox Verba Podcast


Welcome to the Vox Verba Podcast- A Series on The Stories Behind Manufacturers in the U.S. Today

Every process matters, and every product tells a story. Take a deep listen into a world of industry pioneers, innovations, and transformative techniques that shape, impact, and drive progress. Join us on this journey through the heart of manufacturing where the intricacies of production take center stage, and uncover insights into industries and leaders that will leave an indelible mark on your perspective.

Allan Gibson, VP of Automation at Ready Robotics, discusses how Ready Robotics empowers manufacturers with automation programs. He shares his journey in the field of automation and robotics, including his work at Fortune 500 companies like Stanley Black & Decker and the Estee Lauder company. Ready Robotics serves a diverse range of industries, including food and beverage, electronics, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and more. They offer services such as automation readiness assessments and a platform called ForgeOS that enables high mix, low volume applications. The major problem they solve is helping companies transform their operations through automation.


In this episode of The Vox Verba Podcast, we sit down with Tyson Traeger, the visionary behind Wood Pellet Products. Discover how Tyson's quest to enjoy the outdoors without the cold led to the creation of a pioneering company. With a commitment to American manufacturing and a focus on innovation, Wood Pellet Products is warming bodies and hearts, too. Dive into Tyson's story, the challenges faced, and the triumphs celebrated as we explore what it means to innovate in the realm of outdoor heating and cooking.


In this episode, Russ Whiting, CEO of Whiting Systems, shares the story of Whiting's 50-year anniversary and the evolution of the company. He emphasizes the importance of customer-centeredness and staying focused on what you're good at. Russ discusses the milestones and challenges Whiting has faced over the years, highlighting the role of the team in the company's success.


In this episode, host Andrya interviews Eric Shumway, Senior VP of Business Development at ISC. With over 30 years in the electronics manufacturing industry, Eric shares insights into ISC's role in defense, aerospace, and more. Discover the journey of ISC, their mission-critical manufacturing, and the importance of their work in the current industrial landscape.


In this episode of Vox Verba, host Andrya Allen engages in a compelling conversation with Jay Austin, Vice President of Winds at Kurz Industrial Solutions. The episode delves into the world of wind energy, exploring Jay's journey from sales to leadership in the renewable energy sector. Jay sheds light on Kurz Industrial Solutions' role in the market, its core values, and the driving mission of the Wind Division. The discussion covers the unique challenges and solutions in the wind energy industry, as well as the importance of flexibility, customer-centricity, and sustainability.


In this episode of the Vox Verba podcast, host Andrya Allen sits down with Jason Rhoads, the Marketing Director at Whiting Systems. They delve into Jason's award-winning strategies in the manufacturing sector, focusing on sales and customer growth. The conversation covers Whiting's role in the trucking and transportation industry, its mission, and the unique services that set the company apart. Jason shares the journey of Whiting Systems over its 50-year history, emphasizing the importance of service in their success. The episode also addresses common myths and misconceptions in the industry and highlights the significance of regular truck washes for fleet maintenance.


In episode 2 of The Vox Verba podcast, we delve deep into the world of sustainability with special guest Bob Alvarez, the President and CEO of Shapiro. Explore the inception of Circular by Shapiro, a groundbreaking initiative shaping the circular supply chains of tomorrow. Discover how this unique division is not only optimizing byproducts for manufacturers but also simplifying and unifying data to drive meaningful impacts. Bob shares insights into the challenges, misconceptions, and the journey of Circular by Shapiro, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable practices.


Join us in this episode of The Vox Verba Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of titanium with Greg Himstead, exploring how Titanium Industries has evolved over its 50-year history. From its roots as a distribution arm to becoming a global one-stop-shop for specialty metals, discover the milestones, achievements, and the company's impact on significant projects like the Charters of Freedom. Learn about the diverse range of products and services, the intricate dynamics of the supply chain, and how Titanium Industries stays customer-centric in a rapidly changing marketplace.