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How much data do I need for a great report?

For a spreadsheet of customer reviews, please 30 or more reviews. For customer interviews as transcriptions, please have at least 3 full pages. At maximum, we can process no more than 5,000 reviews in one report or more than 150 pages of a single document. For data sets larger than this, please order multiple reports and we can synthesize your findings for you.

How do I use my reports?

As soon as you receive your report, use it in your marketing immediately for results. A few ways people have shared success are:

Copy a message and use it as an email subject line
Take a phrase for a Facebook ad headline
Create a blog based on a story
Use the archetype recommendations to expand creativity
Make strategic choices to embed insights into product and service names and descriptions
Send to copywriters, agencies and marketing partners to increase their productivity and results
Share with a branding, marketing or advertising expert for a world of proven concepts
Discover angles, priorities and ideas you didn’t know about

Where is my data?

Each business receives brand data in different ways. You might have product reviews you can export from your website or a tool you have. You might have reviews on Facebook, Google or Amazon. You may have screenshots or saved DMs and emails. Your goal is to get them in one place. This can be quite a process without a team or a tool. In the case of hundreds of reviews, we offer help for data scraping starting at $250.

How is your brand so cool?

We go hard on the principles in the report, focusing on purpose, essence, transformation and archetypes. Have you met Vena? She is our archetypal oracle, and she speaks with the understanding voice of Vox Verba AI. Her language is a representation of how Vox Verba’s systems understand the world. Meet her and understand more of yourself and your brand’s place in the world.

Could this be evil?

Yes, words can be evil if they are used for ill-intentioned purposes. The internet you’ve met us through and the universe we exist in together is a sacred space that I am a native of. I believe in keeping it safe and building it as a reflection of the best part of ourselves. That means that we each, as contributors to this great space, have a responsibility to use our tools, our words, our energy and our gifts in positive service of the world.

These insights are powerful. Do good with them.

How does it work?

By listening deeply to voices of your best people, you can build a completely unique brand that powerfully stands out in the marketplace.

Tl;dr We build powerful brand strategy and copywriting reports from your customers, founder and key stakeholder’s language using systems of science.

Our machine learning systems are grounded in an interdisciplinary scientific approach that’s been proven to grow brands over and over again. One way to understand its process is the Tactical Empathy Method by Chris Voss where he says, “Sales is a collaboration grounded in empathy.”

Empathy starts with listening and we can lean on empathic methods like language mirroring to authentically connect with others. Vox Verba helps your brand mirror the best language from your customers, your founder and other important brand stakeholders.

After you place your order, you’ll receive an automated email with instructions on how to submit your brand data. When we receive your data, we process it in our systems to identify known sales signals. These sales signals cross disciplines and are all based in positive psychology.

We identify powerful key messages, dominant traits and characteristics and themes found within your data.

We segment your data into incredible powerful archetypes, sometimes called avatars, for your brand.

Each report identifies at least three archetypes and shares language that resonates with that archetype.

When the analysis is complete, your raw and sorted brand data is sent to a dedicated, qualitative scientist and professional copywriter for the final step, transformation.

Your dedicated copywriter transforms your brand data, your language, into its best possible form.

Your final report is completed in under three business days after receiving your brand data.

Most customers are completely blown away by the findings and usually take away inspiration and motivation along with brand clairty to launch new products or services.

For immediate impact, you can take language in the report and place it into subject lines or social media posts for content.

At a deeper level, you can apply the language into your business as a strategic practice and experience huge transformation in building brand value long term by standing out uniquely as you.

What’s the difference between your products?

The difference between the products is based on the kind of data you are processing.

Each custom guide is based off of human voice as a form of qualitative data. This means we analyze the text qualities and deeper meanings as well as themes present.

The Voice of Customer Guide uses your customer’s language as the data input. You can send us a Google doc or spreadsheet of your data. The more data you have, the stronger your report is. However, due to the nature of qualitative data, even small amounts of data can bring rich insights. We have some recommended minimums.

The Founder Interview and Strategy Guide includes both an interview and a report. In the interview, we will walk through a facilitated discovery process to discover surprising and deeply authentic elements of your own story, told in your own words.

Each report uses the a similar structure and is based off of the same science and approach. Each report includes key messages, traits and characteristics, and a recommendation of brand personality through brand archetypes. Combine the reports for a comprehensive understanding of how you brand is currently perceived in the marketplace and where it can go in the future.

In addition to our introductory custom guides, Vox Verba offers monthly facilitated customer interviews and deep archetypal positioning consultation to increase brand clarity and value.

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