GPTs for Marketers and Writers

Vox Verba Brand Marketing Assistant

Chat With An Insightful Brand Marketing AI

The Vox Verba Brand Marketing Assistant refines and articulates brand voices with unparalleled precision. Rooted in the principles of Vox Verba and the Nine Digital, it offers a unique blend of systematic and scientific approaches to enhance brand communication in the marketplace.

Key Features

This GPT stands out for its ability to integrate brand archetypes into marketing strategies, ensuring a distinct and resonant market presence. It provides actionable insights and advice, allowing users to understand and leverage their brand's unique voice effectively.


Users can engage in interactive sessions to uncover their brand's archetype, receive tailored recommendations based extensively researched training, and craft engaging content to connect with their audience. This tool is a powerhouse of strategic marketing support for brand differentiation and audience engagement.

Knowledge Sources

Many unique and powerful resources are the core training for your assistant including: interview questions and answers from years of qualitative market research services, comprehensive Vox Verba documentation, and a Brand Voice library, making it a well-rounded assistant for any brand's marketing needs.

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Experience the power of archetypal insights in branding with the Vox Verba Brand Marketing Assistant.

Booky Author Ally

Chat with Your Own Author Assistant

Booky Author Ally emerges as a vital aide for authors, enriched with new features focusing on meditation and writing exercises. It's crafted to assist authors in finding focus and connecting deeply with their creative selves.

Key Features

This GPT guides authors through meditation for mental clarity and reflection exercises for a more authentic writing voice. It's an innovative tool that helps authors to harness their innermost thoughts and channel them into their writing.


Apart from mental and creative exercises, Booky Author Ally assists in practical aspects like editing synopses, formatting query letters, and identifying suitable genres and agents. It's a comprehensive support system for an author's publication journey.

Innovative Tools

Booky Author Ally offers unique meditation and reflection prompts, encouraging authors to engage in free and focused writing sessions. This method ensures a seamless flow of creativity, deeply influenced by inner peace and clarity.

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Discover the path to focused and authentic writing with Booky Author Ally.