Tools for Business Automation

Vox Verba's birth is straight from a desire to automate one of the most challenging and powerful processes in branding and marketing intelligence.

When I first started in the marketing and advertising industry, I started in branding, in a research-focused agency environment.

I was on a brand research team because I studied qualitative data analysis in communications during my masters.

This means I'm really into words. 🤓

While on the team, I learned how branding agencies document and process data to discover insights.

I am a lover of words, processes that work and most importantly, measurable, positive impact, so naturally, I fell in love with the data-driven approach. 

Yet, in its current form, it's expensive and time-consuming.

Most branding agency rates start at $125 an hour and can be higher than $250 an hour. 

Only well-established brands with big budgets can afford these data-dives and they take 100s of labor hours for weeks to process and uncover insights. 

In 2014, I started a family and my own communications and advertising business.

I needed to define my own process. 

When I started on my own, I didn't have a team or 100s of hours to spend on a project. My clients were not well-established brands with big budgets. 

These constraints forced me to develop a new process that could be done by me, myself and I.

Over the next couple of years, I tested ways that only took 30 hours or less and could be done completely virtually. 

I piloted my process with local, regional and international brands.

My less-than-30-hours-of-research approach always performed more than 3x better than existing marketing positioning.

Now, it is the bed rock of millions in annual advertising spend globally and accounts for over 3000 (by my last count) monthly pieces of content.

After 3 years of executing this process and teaching it successfully to hundreds of business owners, strategists and creatives, I found the cost of powerful, data-driven market intelligence was still inaccessible to thousands of brands.

Usually these brands were led by visionaries with real potential to change the world, but they had limited resources and a deadline of yesterday.

I was determined to develop a way to get the same information quickly for less than a few hundred dollars.

I ventured on a journey of automation to make this happen and Vox Verba is the result. 

At first, I started with basic automation tools to cut costs and save time.

I broke these pretty quickly with complex demands so I moved on to more advanced solutions and finally found a way to approach natural language processing and brand science research using machine learning.

I've done my best to share these tools with you below. 

Witness how powerful Vox Verba's system is by submitting your customer data for Brand Voice + Words Bible: Customer Reviews Edition or with a founder's interview. 

Three days after we receive your data or your interview is complete, your custom report will appear in your inbox with at least 50 phrases you can implement right away. You'll also be invited to access our Brand Voice + Words database that taps into thousands of searchable brand-aligned words. 

Tools like Vox Verba bring business process automation and marketing intelligence to you without the high entry fees of branding agencies or big data companies.

These process innovations are happening in more and more organizations every day.

You should take a step to get started today if you are not already using automation inside your business.

Use the lists below to start where you're at.

Basic Automation Tools



Advanced Tools


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