Brand Archetype Report + Interview

Brand Archetype Report + Interview

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Your voice, words and story are like no other.

Discover, document and scale it with your Founder’s Copywriting Interview & Strategy Guide.

Sharing your voice with clarity and consistency opens the door of expansive growth.

With the Founder's Copywriting Interview & Strategy Guide, you and your team have a universe of brand aligned words, straight from your founder’s vision.

Through a series of proven deep science questions in a personal interview, I will uncover your brand personality and give you a bespoke (read: custom, handcrafted) report.

Three days after your interview, your custom insights will arrive in your inbox.

Your Founder's Copywriting Interview & Strategy Guide will include:

  • a personal interview with a qualitative brand scientist to discover your unique founder’s voice
  • sharable, reusable brand personality deck
  • brand personality characteristics and traits
  • specific implementation examples
  • key messages for growth and engagement
  • brand story lines for storytelling with a real tone and voice
  • a checklist of places to use your brand personality messaging for results right now 


Each interview lasts approximately 45 minutes .

Your interview will be coordinated via email after your order.

To prepare for your interview please bring your highest self and be sure to have a great internet connection for high quality audio recording. A quiet space with little to no background noise will have the best result.