Voice of Customer Copywriting Guide

Voice of Customer Copywriting Guide

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Your customers spoke and it was Good.

Transform your customer's own words into sales copy with a custom copywriting guide and brand positioning insight report built entirely from your customer's voice.

Use these Good Words with proven structures to drive results for your brand.

A dedicated qualitative scientist will use Vox Verba's deep science process and AI to turn your customer voice data into actionable insights.

After your order, you will receive an email with details on submitting your customer voice data, including:

  • customer reviews,
  • testimonies and
  • comments from social listening
  • in person, online or audio recorded interviews
  • recorded discovery sessions and other recorded facilitations

Then we'll use Vox Verba's system to uncover elements of your customer's voice and your recommended brand personality based on signals we know align with sales behaviors.

In three days, you'll receive a bespoke (read: custom, handcrafted) Voice of Customer Copywriting Guide in your inbox.

Report owners come back to it again and again to find unique, powerful brand voice and words.

Your Voice of Customer Copywriting Guide will include:

  • ready-to-use copy in your customer's own words
  • a searchable, sharable, reusable brand personality deck in the form of an editable presentation and downloadable PDF
  • data and copy insights from your dedicated qualitative brand scientist with custom recommendations you can use right away
  • voice and words unique to you and your brand
  • key messages for growth and engagement
  • brand personality characteristics and traits
  • powerful, deep alignment with what you do and say that is likely to make you say "whoa" or get chills or even cry, dancing could be involved
  • a checklist of places to use your voice + words deck for results right now including recommendations for your website, social media, media kits, refrigerator post it notes and more, as always

My process is grounded in proven science from applied experience in communications, marketing, organizational growth and positive psychology.

Perfect for everyone who crafts brand message, brand personality, brand voice including CEOs, marketers, copywriters and sales professionals. 

★★★★★ from Shawn Harris, investor advisor of Orange Wings Investments

★★★★★ from Rebecca Haders, VP of Creative and Marketing, 80 Acres Farms

★★★★★ from Ingrid Roessen, Founder, Mii Estilo Fashion

★★★★★ from Zach Smith, CEO, Funded Today

★★★★★ Elliot Brindel, CEO, Amazon Sellers Directory

★★★★★ Joe Zalta, CEO, Riverside Consulting


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