Marketing as the Sage Brand Archetype

How is Marketing Different in the Eyes of a Sage?

Marketing and Sage

It's been stated that Sages are thinkers, so it only makes sense that for marketing, they would use "think campaigns" as a way to market brands. 

An example could be offering childcare to special needs children by stressing the importance of individually analyzing what each child needs and tailoring a curriculum just for them. This shows Sage's intelligence by portraying each child as their individual and unique selves. This undermines the stereotypes of special needs children and leads people to independent thinking. 


Now that you are aware of the Sage and their thinking, it takes a moment to notice TV ads. A lot of Sage-directed ads are out there. Have you noticed that some TV ads will show their logo and not their name? It's about filling in the gap. It makes the consumer think and feels smart for figuring out the names of said companies. 

You can also see a lot of brands doing as with current events; "In the know." Its portrayed as intelligent and knowledgeable. It also taps into the need for visual literacy and not always verbal literacy. 

 A great Sage ad will rely on the interest in recognizing visual patterns and interpreting them appropriately. 

To target other sage customers, include research as Sages like researching and going online to figure out tools for technology. Additionally, using words like "Not everyone is smart enough to…" is like giving a Sage a challenge and letting them realize the product's value. It must be expensive since not everyone can handle it. 

Challenge. Accepted! 

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