The Ultimate Guide to Brand Archetypes

Click the icon for each archetype to be directed to the archetype page. I've put this all in one place, because you're a Vox Verba friend


Goal: To achieve strength & endurance

Fear: Weakness, underperforming

Strength: Disciplined, focused

Downfall: Can be too competitive


Goal: To care for and help others

Fear: Selfishness, ingratitude

Strength: Compassion, generosity

Downfall: Can become a martyr


Goal: Bring a vision to life, form

Fear: Mediocrity, lack of vision

Strength: Creativity and imagination

Downfall: Can be a perfectionist


Goal: Fulfilling discovery and experiences

Fear: Entrapment, conformity, empty

Strength: Ambitious, true to self

Downfall: May be too rebellious, may wander too far off path


Goal: Help to improve the world

Fear: Weakness, vulnerability, being afraid

Strength: Courage, power, competence

Downfall: Being arrogant, always needing an enemy


Goal: To be happy

Fear: Doing something wrong, being punished

Strength: Faith, hope, optimism, good-natured

Downfall: Being too trusting


Goal: To have a great time, lighten up the world.

Fear: Boredom, being boring

Strength: Joy, humor, radiance

Downfall: Not serious enough



Goal: To have relationships and connections

Fear: Being alone, unloved, unwanted

Strength: Passion, appreciation, commitment

Downfall: Losing ones self trying to please others


Goal: Make dreams come true

Fear: Negative consequences

Strength: Finding ways that everyone wins

Downfall: Can be manipulative



Goal: Break rules, resist authority

Strength: Freedom, outrageousness

Fear: Being powerless, inconsequential

Downfall: Can break laws, be criminal


Goal: To belong, to fit in

Strength: Empathy, is real, not pretentious

Fear: Standing out, being rejected

Downfall: Can change ones self to fit in


Goal: Create a prosperous, successful community

Strength: Leadership, responsibility

Fear: Chaos, being over ruled

Downfall: Can be bossy, authoritarian


Goal: To gain knowledge and intelligence to understand the world

Strength: Wisdom, intelligence

Fear: Being ignorant, fooled, not know something

Downfall: Can spend too much time acquiring knowledge, not having enough time to use it.