The Sage Brand Archetype

"The truth will set you free."

 Sure, but what does that mean?

You've figured out your archetype; now what? What does it mean? What does it mean for your life, your career, your relationships? 

Knowing your archetype is a great way to tap into your core, mind, and spirit. 

Does this quote, "The truth will set you free," resonate with you? Of course it will , you are a Sage! 

Sages are oftentimes experts in their field, detectives, oracles, thinkers, planners, mentors, scholars, teachers, or even researchers: examples would be Albert Einstein, Socrates, Oprah Winfrey, and Buddha. But hey, no pressure, my fellow Sages. You too can be a great Sage if you put your truth into all you do. 

Though those are a few named Sages, you will find Sage influence all over in magazines, TV shows, etc. A great TV show example is the old show The X-Files- The opening line being" The truth is out there." Sage also has brands that include Harvard and MIT, among other places dedicated to discovering the truth". See a theme?

Sages are different in that they find their own path and their own happiness. As a Sage, we use our humanity, and our thoughts and opinions to learn and grow so that we may create a better world for ourselves and those around us. 

Branding and Sage

Many consumers rely on the Sage for their advice and their wisdom. You may notice in most commercials that are targeting the intelligence flowing through a Sage. You will hear things like "...A Company that always runs on brainpower". This will speak to a Sage because you work on brainpower. Even children's TV shows will have a subtle curriculum that becomes apparent to the adult watching. In return, you will think this is a quality learning show for your child because it's based on intelligence and truth. 

Marketing will use words and phrases like," be smart," "the more you know," "A firm grasp of, …" with a mission," "information you need….", etc. 

Let us talk about Oprah for a moment. She is a well-known, influential woman. A little digging into her accompaniments will show how much being a Sage influences all she does. Is she aware that she is a Sage? Clearly, she is; It is evident through all of her success. While she is the wealthiest woman in the media, she is never seen as self-serving; rather, she is viewed as a woman with a mission.

When you are watching the news, commercials, and such, I challenge you now to see how much of a Sage influence you can find. Do you see pictures of Buddha in the background? Albert Einstein or Oprah quotes? Do you hear the word "Truth" a lot?

Now that you are aware, you will be surprised by all the Sage of the world. 

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