You Might Be A Hero Brand If...

Hero may be the right brand target if…

  • You have invented or developed an innovation that will have a lasting impact on the world
  • People are able to perform at their best with your product
  • Taking on a major social problem requires people to step up to the plate; you have a clear competitor or opponent you hope to beat
  • In spite of being the underdog, you want to compete with the competition
  • You can build strong products or services by being able to efficiently and effectively perform a tough job
  • Your product needs to stand out from one that lacks follow-through
  • Your customers identify themselves as ethical, moral citizens

Some of the most engaging stories are those that convey some value that elevates life.

One Marketer shared the following words of wisdom: 

"The battle of the twenty-first century, he writes, "will be fought on a microfront where the bone of contention is the individual's attention."

He continues, "Companies will gradually enter the market for convictions. The reason is primarily that the customer wants it.  When you are no longer preoccupied with politicians' vast array of ideological systems and more or less monotonous visions, then you no longer vote in the polling booth on election day; you vote every day, with your shopping cart."

He points out that consumers are already asking companies questions like "Does your company have a heart, feelings? Are you more than a rationalistic, profiteering machine?

Companies that value competition and the bottom line are also show Hero archetype elements as they value improvement, growth and efficiency. As a result, Hero brands grow in valuation when the archetype is expressed in public at a higher level.  

A company's vision, values, and mission are usually articulated.


As the public and consumers become more aware of corporate visions, they expect them to reflect some sense of social responsibility.

In order to meet this expectation, it is recommended that companies have a political platform roughly equivalent to that of a presidential candidate. If companies followed that advice, it would mean that they would have to face elections every day instead of only every four years.

Let me leave you with this last bit of information: 

If you are aiming to market to the Hero, be aware that your product or service will be evaluated not only on the basis of quality but also on the strength and philosophy of your convictions.


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